Bank Of America Discriminated Against Pregnant Women

Bank Of America Discriminated Against Pregnant Women

For the record, First Nationwide Lending is 100% compliant with the Fair Housing Act.

We believe anyone, and everyone, should have a home they can call their oun.

That’s why when we read stories of lenders who don’t uphold the Fair Housing Act, not only are we disappointed by it, but we share the story in order to shame them into doing the right thing.

The spotlight is on Bank of America, and their misconduct with two couples. The couples allege that their mortgages were denied because the women were on maternity leave.

Last week, the US Department Of Housing and Urban Development penalized Bank Of America $45,000 to resolve these allegations of lending discrimination.

As a mortgage company who is 100% complaint with the Fair Housing Act, we know that denying a loan on the basis of a women being pregnant, or on family leave, is a violation of the Fair Housing Act. The federal law ban on familial status discrimination includes people who have had, or are expecting a child.

In particular what troubled us was the fact that one of the couples claimed the bank refused to consider the wife’s employment history and present income, because she was on maternity leave.

Check out the article below…

MORTGAGE: BofA settles discrimination claim by women on…
Mon, 04 Nov 2013 19:48:20 GMT


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