Finding Orlando Jumbo Mortgage Loans

Finding Orlando Jumbo Mortgage Loans

Considering you’re on this page, I assume it’s because you’re considering a jumbo loan, or have heard the phrase, and are looking for more information.

Loans are considered jumbo loans if the total value of the loan exceeds what’s called the confirming loan limit. The current loan limit, for single family homes, in most states, is $417,000

Jumbo loans normally have higher interest rates, and more stricter underwriting requirements than standard loans.

Wondering how jumbo loans are different?

Jumbo loans generally require lower debt to income ratios, higher credit scores, larger down payments, and higher reserves(emergency funds).

If you’re considering a jumbo loan in Orlando, talk with First Nationwide Lending. Together, we can discuss all the different scenarios to see if a jumbo loan makes sense for you. Whatever option you choose, rest assured – First Nationwide Lending is here to service you, with concierge level customer service.



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