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First Nationwide Lending is the most  trustworthy Clearwater mortgage lenderwith rock bottom low interest rates for consumers looking for a Clearwater mortgageWe provide loans for consumers interested in refinancing, or, buying for the first time. We provide comprehensive information when getting a mortgage in Clearwater, in addition to giving the best customer service possible from a Clearwater mortgage lender. Regardless of what you’re looking to do, we can help make it possible for you to get a home in Clearwater, or refinance your loan – with our quick rate quote.

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First Nationwide Lending is the most flexible mortgage lender. We have a wide array of different mortgage programs, that cover all the different loans possible: mortgage refinancing, USDA loans, reverse mortgages, purchase home loans, FHA home loans, jumbo mortgage loans, HARP refinance mortgages, and VA loans.


Clearwater First Time Home Buyers

Count on First Nationwide Lending to navigate you through this process.

We help you find the best financial option possible in order to meet your goals and your financial situation.
 We communicate with you, 24/7, so you’re always in the loop. 
 We have no hidden fees. When you get a loan from us, you can be assured it’s the right loan, at the lowest rates possible.

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We Work With YOU!

Pick us, and discover what a difference a true mortgage lender can make.

We work with you, and your Real Estate agent, in order to ensure this important process goes as smooth as possible. We want you to be in your new house, as quick as possible!
 Unlike other mortgage lenders, we work with you and your Real Estate agent. We want to answer any questions you have, so you can worry about the things that matter, instead of your home loan. 
We work fast. We want you to be in your house as soon as possible, and never want your home loan to prevent you from enjoying the happiness of home ownership. 


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I wanted to thank you for doing such a great job. I didn’t think this was going to be so easy. I’m sure it wasn’t but you made it look like it was. Thanks for everything.

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