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Your new Davie mortgage company is here! We are the lender that you can depend on no matter your financial situation. For the flexibility that can get you into a Davie home faster than any other lender, be sure to call us! Whether you’re looking to refinance or purchase your first home in Davie, we are here to help borrowers get pre-qualified and receive a quick rate quote.



The lowest Davie mortgage rates in the business

Maybe you have done a little searching and found that Davie mortgages are not cheap. If you have not given us a chance to compete, then you may be missing out on a rate that can make the difference between owning a home in Davie and not owning one.

Some of the other advantages of our plans include:

• Special consideration for veterans
• Special consideration for retirees and senior citizens
• Faster application process
• More flexible loan terms

Your inside financial connection

We are the Davie mortgage broker with an intimate knowledge of the area. We make sure that we know when opportunities for Davie mortgages happen before anyone else does. This means that you can get the lowest Davie mortgage rates before the price gets driven up.

Other ways that we outlast our competition include:

• Being the Davie mortgage broker with inside connections to the neighborhood
• Getting people in homes with less than perfect financial histories

Why choose us?

When selecting First Nationwide Lending, you have someone to work with you and your real estate agent.

• We understand your Real Estate agent is part of the team. We work with him/her and coordinate everything as needed.
• We work fast. We want you to be in your home as soon as possible, and we do this by expeditiously working, and being on top of everything.
• We work for you! Purchasing your home or refinancing it are important milestones, but our goal as YOUR consultant, is to help you make an informed decision.

We realize that you may have had financial problems in the past or that you may have special needs today. We are the lender with the flexibility that can make it work, even in an exclusive neighborhood such as Davie. We want to give you the personal service that other financial institutions simply do not have the wherewithal to give.

To get the process started, be sure to fill out the contact form completely! We look forward to serving as your financial partner and Davie mortgage company.


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