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apply-now-todayOnly a few men have what it takes to serve our nation and protect it. The Veteran Affairs (VA) has been granting loans to retired and active duty army personnel for their services to our country. Fort Lauderdale VA loans will allow you and your family to buy a home through various VA approved lenders. First Nationwide Lending can help you in become eligible and securing a VA loan with the low interest rates and no down payments on which you can live in a home peacefully.

Eligible Personnel for Fort Lauderdale VA loans

Fort Lauderdale VA loans require retired and active duty personnel to have completed 90 to 181 days of service in order to become eligible for the loan. Although the VA does not actually lend you the money, but it will guarantee the loan provided by banks, mortgage servicers, and other private lenders. Personnel eligible for Fort Lauderdale VA loans include:

• Veterans
• Active-duty members
• Surviving spouses (some)
• Reservists
• National Guard members

How Much You Can Borrow

One of the main advantages of Fort Lauderdale VA loans is that there is no down payment involved. However, some lenders may ask you to make a small percentage of down payments.

Based on the statement made by the VA, there is no loan limit for an eligible veteran. However, private lenders do have limits and they can vary from area to area. In such a case, get quotes from different lenders to have a better idea of the mortgage payment and interest rates. Typically, a veteran can get as much as $417,000, and in high end areas, the loan can go up to $1,094,000.

Why Us?

When it comes to securing Fort Lauderdale VA loans, First Nationwide Lending can help you get the Certificate of Eligibility as well as the loan itself. Contact us today at (877) 422-4023 to find out how you can buy your dream home with us.


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