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apply-now-todayDo you have a home that is now worth much less than it once was? Are you still paying off the original mortgage? Well, there is a way for you to refinance your home with ease. Jacksonville HARP refinance is an easy way for homeowners to refinance their now devalued home. But you knew that, right? Here is a look at 3 things you probably didn’t know about HARP.

1 – HARP was already iterated
You know what HARP is but did you know that a major iteration was made in the program? Previous, if you made a 20% or lower down payment, you had to get private mortgage insurance. As such, this made acquiring Jacksonville HARP refinance incredibly difficult, if not impossible, for many homeowners. However, this soon changed.
Meet HARP 2.0, the latest iteration available to homeowners just like you. HARP 2.0 changes the eligibility requirements to include people who have private mortgage insurance.

2 – You will likely be switched to a Fixed-Rate Mortgage
If you had an adjustable-rate mortgage previous, it is more than likely that you will be refinanced to a fixed-rate mortgage. Why? Remember that HARP aimed to provide stability to homeowners? Well, fixed-rate mortgages are significantly more stable than adjustable variants; the primary reason why it is given.

3 – Recent Homes do not qualify for Jacksonville HARP Refinance
Contrary to popular belief, recent homes cannot qualify for HARP. In fact, if you acquired a mortgage backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac on or after June 1, 2009, you are not eligible for HARP.

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