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Miami Beach FL homeowners have been the hardest hit during the down turn of this decade. Many homeowners have been forced into foreclosure, and if proper steps are not taken, more foreclosure will follow suit. If you are struggling with home mortgage payments and are concerned about losing your home, First Nationwide Lending can assist you in the right direction to ensure you can refinance your Miami Beach home loan.

What is Miami Beach Refinancing?

Most homeowners make false assumptions that getting a refinance mortgage means reworking your existing Miami Beach loan, however, refinancing encompasses taking out a new mortgage loan to pay off the old one, with refinancing you are able to get new and more favorable terms.

Added Benefits of a Miami Beach Mortgage Refinance

•  Getting lower rates means, reduced monthly mortgage payments.
•  Reduce your mortgage loan term, helping you pay your home loan quicker, thereby allowing you to save money on interest expenses
•  Increase the length of your loan term to disburse your payments across a wider time, easing your financial stress
•  Take out a refinance mortgage to increase your mortgage amount and receive money for renovation, kids college or other personal needs

At what point you consider a Miami Beach Florida refinance mortgage?

Refinancing can be extremely beneficial but to fully optimize its advantages it must be timed correctly. If you come across a fixed rate home mortgage on your Miami Beach residence and the ongoing interest rates have dropped below your fixed rate. It could be an opportune time to refinance. In addition, if you are less than one third of the way through your home mortgage and the rates are below what you’re paying now, then you will gain from Miami Beach FL refinance mortgages.

Refinancing can be somewhat challenging in today’s environment but with the help of First Nationwide Lending you can determine what may be the best plan of action with respect to your existing Miami Beach FL mortgage loan. For assistance with mortgage refinancing please call First Nationwide Lending at (877) 442-4023 or complete a rate quote form to get pre-qualified.


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