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Miami FHA mortgages are one of the easiest loans to qualify to for. The uncomplicated requirements and the availability make it one of the most attractive lending options for prospective home buyers.

A leader in the mortgage industry

First Nationwide Lending is one of the leading providers of FHA mortgage rates in Miami. The company has supplied some of the most competitive Miami FHA loans available in the area. We’ve been able to create loan packages offering down payments with FHA mortgage rates in Miami as low as 3.5 percent for applicants. We are dedicated to providing the very best the care to our customers. Our staff of knowledgeable representatives is there to provide an exceptional level of service to our customers.

Understanding the requirements for Miami FHA loans

Miami FHA loan programs have fewer requirements than many of the more popular lending programs out there. Here are some of the basic criteria you have to meet in order to pre-qualify for a loan.

• Demonstrate steady employment for last two years
• Substantial debt-to-income ratio
• Minimum credit score of approximately 580
• Have a valid social security number
• Property must be an FHA approved property
• Income should be consistent for previous two years
• With bankruptcy, there must be two years since the discharge

There are also additional requirements you must be able to meet in order to qualify for a Miami FHA loan. The property selected should satisfy minimum appraisal requirements in order to be eligible.

Benefits of Miami FHA Mortgages over conventional lending programs

Once you are eligible for an FHA loan, you can derive several benefits from participating in the program.

• Increased access to the most FHA mortgage rates in Miami
• More flexible requirements for lower earners
• A much lower debt-to-income ratio requirement
• Loans are transferable to the new buyer if one moves
• Bankruptcy and foreclosure applicants may still qualify

Miami FHA loan opportunities are among the most attractive homeownership programs available for buyers. In working with an experienced team of knowledgeable representatives, we can give you the best rates with the most favorable down payment terms available in the area. Fill out our contact form or call us today at 877-442-4023 to learn how we can help you get into your new home.


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