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apply-now-todayAs one of America’s best real estate markets, Orlando has some of the most sought out homes. With close proximity to schools, offices and a number of recreational activities, Orlando truly is a great choice. If you want to purchase a home in O-Town, you will need a home loan. Before acquiring one, it is a good idea to learn about them. As such, here is a closer look at Orlando home loans and how to get one.

Home Loans Provide Money

If you’re buying your first home, Orlando home loans are a great way to get your hands on one. Contrary to popular belief, home loans are different from mortgages. They give you the money you need to purchase a home instead of getting money for another home (in the case of mortgages).

The Down Payment

With an improving real estate market, an increasing number of people want to acquire Orlando home loans. With better contract terms, you may not have to make a sizeable down payment. For example, with a 30% down payment, you can acquire an interest rate as low as 3.34%.

Understand the Fine Print

While many people do choose to read the fine print, they forget to ask about what it means. As such, they later find that they have less grace periods than what was originally promised. As such, if something feels out of the ordinary to you, ask our lender about it.

For more information on Orlando home loans or property, why not call the experts at First Nationwide Lending? With years of experience and the best real estate experts on hand, you will find no better source of information on Orlando home loans. Call us on (877) 442-4023 and find your Orlando property faster than ever before.

First Nationwide Lending offers a variety of mortgage programs, including, but not limited to: purchase mortgages, refinance loans, FHA loans, jumbo loans, HARP 2.0 mortgage, VA loans, USDA home loans, and reverse mortgages.


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