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Let’s say you have always been great with your home loan payments but there isn’t anyone who wants to refinance your home due to its reduction of value? Luckily, there is a way to refinance your home easier and better than ever before. Welcome HARP, otherwise known as the Home Affordable Refinance Program. So what exactly is a Pembroke Pines HARP refinance mortgage loan?

Purpose of Pembroke Pines HARP Refinance

Launched in March 2009, Pembroke Pines HARP refinance hopes to provide refinancing to home owners which owned homes that decreased significantly in value. The purpose of this was to prevent the U.S. housing bubble of 2006. This program however was designed exclusively for home owners who are current on their home loan payments, but instead have been making timely payments towards paying their mortgage loan down.

Who’s Eligible

Similar to any other government program, Pembroke Pines HARP has many requirements. Take a look at some:

Only mortgages guaranteed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac can be refinanced.
Mortgage Loans are required to be funded before May 31, 2009.
Homeowners can not have been delinquent on any home loan payments, for the 6 months prior to requesting a Pembroke Pines HARP refinance.
The loan-to-value ratio must be in excess of 80%

There needs to be some type benefit to the client in terms of their mortgage payments or stability in mortgage.

How do you benefit?

The HARP refinance mortgage has many measurable benefits. For example, if you currently have a $150,000 mortgage on a now $120,000 home, you can have your home loan remortgaged. In doing so, you pay down the Pembroke Pines mortgage faster than before. Also, the monthly mortgage payments you apply will most likely be smaller than before.

If your place of residence dropped in value and you want to refinance it, then Pembroke Pines HARP home loans is for you. If you are in need of additional information, or would like to speak to an expert about Pembroke Pines HARP mortgage loans, please call us on (877) 442-4023 or fill out our rate quote form.



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