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Buying a home is one of the most important life altering decisions you will ever make. It can be overwhelming to take the necessary time to search for a home, expend the effort to ensure it’s well decorated and adequately functional, and of course enough funds to actually buy it. Port St. Lucie offers a variety of dream homes and condos whether you’re a first time buyer or in the market to upgrade.

Obtaining a home loan in Port St. Lucie, Fl can be somewhat of a costly and expensive process. However, by choosing a reputable home loan company like First Nationwide Lending for the best home loan rates available, the process becomes much easier so you can get into the home of your dreams.

Port St. Lucie Home Loan

If the time is right for you and your family to buy a home, consider securing a Port St. Lucie home loan to pay your mortgage and build your equity. Owning your own home is a smart investment versus simply renting a place to live. In many cases, the monthly loan payment is actually lower than the rent paid each month for an apartment. Once you decide you’re ready to move forward, get a few quotes from various lenders in order to get the best rate possible for your mortgage. Keep in mind that the lower your monthly payment, the longer the life of the loan itself.

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Related Costs

Take a look at some of the costs involved before getting a Port St. Lucie home loan:

• Down payments generally range between 3.5% up to 30%
• Closing costs typically range anywhere from 2% – 6% of the amount of the loan

List of the ongoing costs for the life of the loan include:

• Monthly mortgage payment
• Property taxes
• Homeowner’s insurance
• Mortgage insurance premium
• Other – utilities, home maintenance and repairs, etc.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to securing the best Port St. Lucie home loan, let First Nationwide Lending help make your dreams come true with a great low interest rate and reasonable down payment. Call (877) 442-4023 or get started online today and take the first step towards home ownership.


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