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The home buying process can be a daunting one and potential buyers should have qualified and experienced representatives working on their behalf throughout the purchase. When a buyer has selected their dream home in Florida, Sarasota FHA loan specialists can help them negotiate the best terms possible for their mortgage loans.

Sarasota FHA Loan Benefits

The Federal Housing Authority was established in 1934 to help make the dream of home ownership a real possibility for many Americans. This special plan allows potential buyers to afford a home buy insuring the mortgages that lenders approve. There are many benefits for Sarasota FHA loan origination:

• Sarasota FHA loans require lower down payments than conventional loans
• Closing costs are lower for Sarasota FHA loans compared to other low down payment mortgage options
• Buyers with limited, slow, or poor credit histories may still qualify for FHA mortgage rates in Sarasota

Guidelines For Sarasota FHA Mortgages

Sarasota FHA mortgages are designed to help increase the number of homeowners in the area by making loans affordable and attainable. While the criteria for FHA loans are typically much more lenient than those that apply to conventional loans, there are still some basic requirements for obtaining FHA loan approval:

• Verifiable Employment History
• Qualifying Debt to Income Ratio
• Consumer Credit Score of 580 or Above
• Chosen property must pass FHA appraisal and inspection

Choosing First Nationwide Lending

First time buyers and those with experience in purchasing homes know that My Nationwide Lending is the place to go for knowledgeable industry professionals and reputable assistance. We have the most current information on and can lock in FHA mortgage rates in Sarasota for our customers. Find out more today! Simply complete the form below and a member of expert team will answer all your questions.


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