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apply-now-todayPurchasing a home can be a life changing decision. The time to find the home of your dreams, the effort to make sure its adequate in functionality and decorations, and the money involved to actually purchase it can be very draining. Sarasota offers some of the most beautiful homes and condos with modern architectural significance.

Securing Sarasota home loans can be a lengthy and costly process. But choosing the right lenders like First Nationwide Lending can help you smoothly go through the eligibility and loan securing process so you can successfully purchase your own home.

Buying a Home

If buying a home makes sense to you, then with Sarasota home loans you can build on your equity by paying your monthly mortgage. It is always better to own a place rather than rent it when you know you’ve found the right one. And in many cases, Sarasota home loans payments can actually be lower than rents. Before making the decision, consider whether you want to buy a home or rent it, and if you decide on buying, get quotes from different lenders to get the best rates. But remember, the lower the mortgage payments, the longer the duration of your mortgage will be.

Costs Involved

Before attaining Sarasota home loans, here are some of the costs you will have to adhere:

• Down payments – typically range from 3.5% to 30%
• Closing costs – range from 2% to 6% of loan amount

Here are the following ongoing costs involved:

• Monthly loan payment
• Mortgage insurance premium
• Homeowners insurance
• Property tax
• Misc (maintenance, utilities, etc)

Why Us?

When it comes to Sarasota home loans rate, First Nationwide Lending will make sure you get the lowest in town in terms of interests and down payment. Contact us today at (877) 422-4023 to find out how you can buy the home of your dreams with help from us.

First Nationwide Lending offers a variety of mortgage programs, including, but not limited to: purchase mortgages, refinance mortgages, reverse mortgages, FHA home loans, jumbo mortgage loans, USDA mortgages, HARP 2.0 refinance, and VA loans.


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