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apply-now-todayA Sarasota refinance mortgage is a new loan you acquire with more favorable clauses and terms in trade for the old one. It is becoming increasingly popular in Sarasota County because of the fluctuations in property prices and interest rates. If your financial situation has improved over the course of time and the interest rates have lowered, then you can get benefit from getting a Sarasota refinance mortgage. First Nationwide Lending can help you attain a refinance loan if you fear you are going to fall behind on your mortgage payments, or you would like to make the payments easier in future.

How a Sarasota Refinance Mortgage Helps You

Before considering a Sarasota refinance mortgage, you should consider your options. Though it will save your money in the long term, but there are significant costs involved. However, once you acquire one, then a Sarasota refinance mortgage can help you:

• Benefit from the lower interest rates, which will reduce your monthly loan payments
• Decrease the duration of mortgage to clear it off faster, and save money on interest charges
• Moderate your mortgage terms to a fixed rate mortgage from an adjustable rate mortgage to allow flexibility, and/or vice verse
• Increase the duration of mortgage to lower the monthly charges by spreading out the costs


To qualify for a Sarasota refinance mortgage, the process and requirements are typically the same as when you got the original mortgage. You will have to show and state with documentation:

• Stable employment
• Healthy debt-to-income ratio
• Value of your property
• Amount you are seeking to borrow

Once you meet with the requirements, you will be given a quote where your eligibility for lower rates will be determined, for which you may or may not qualify. However, if you meet the criteria, then First Nationwide Lending will formulate the best mortgage strategy for your situation. Contact us today at (877) 422-4023 to find out how we can help you in securing a refinance mortgage.

First Nationwide Lending offers a variety of mortgage programs, including, but not limited to: purchase mortgages, refinance mortgages, reverse mortgages, FHA home loans, jumbo mortgage loans, USDA mortgages, HARP 2.0 refinance, and VA loans.


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