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apply-now-todaySarasota USDA mortgage allows rural residents that are earning a low to moderate income to live in a home of their dreams. The USDA loan program has helped many who have been deprived of the basic housing facilities but were able to follow up with their mortgage payments on time, which includes insurance and taxes. First Nationwide Lending can help you in securing a USDA loan with low rates and round the clock service.

Sarasota USDA Eligibility Requirements

For you to be eligible for a Sarasota USDA mortgage, you should meet all the following requirements:

• Your debt-to-income ratio should be 29/41 standard. Considering compensation, the ratio can be exceeded.
• You should have a credit score of at least 620, but some lenders and mortgage servicers may ask for more.
• Your overall financial pattern will be addressed, rather than just the individual matters.
• The property should be appraised.

Sarasota USDA mortgage can be acquired to purchase properties in a rural area like manufactured homes, condos, single family residences and planned unit developments. Once you have acquired a Sarasota USDA mortgage, you will not be required to make any down payments. Only the VA loans for military personnel allow this.

Eligibility for Sarasota USDA Loan Following Bankruptcy

To be eligible for a Sarasota USDA mortgage while you are experiencing bankruptcy, there are two following options:

1. You must be discharged from Chapter 7 bankruptcy for over three years
2. You have made all payments approved by the court on time for a minimum period of one year, and are under Chapter 13 bankruptcy


A Sarasota USDA mortgage can be a life changer if you get it from an approved lender like First Nationwide Lending. We can help you in securing your own home with low fixed interest rates. Contact us today at (877) 422-4023 to know why you will benefit the most from us by acquiring a USDA loan.

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