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Tampa FHA loans are one of the most popular lending programs among first time homebuyers. The program has fewer restrictions than many of the other programs. Higher debt-to-income ratios are permitted for our program offering FHA mortgage rates in Tampa. People with previous bankruptcies and lower credit scores may even qualify for the program. In addition to the latitude provided with many of the financing requirements, Tampa FHA mortgages offer the most competitive rates in the marketplace.

Tampa FHA loans are extremely accessible

FHA loans are one of the most affordable ways to become a homeowner. Here are some of the requirements that must be met for Tampa FHA mortgages.

• Have down payment of 3.5 percent
• Credit score of at least 580
• Be able to provide two statements from institutions to verify income
• The debt-to-income ratio must meet at a certain level between 56 and 57 percent
• Must be able to provide at least two lines of credit
• Must be able to provide two previous years of tax returns

Additional Tampa FHA Loan Requirements

In addition to meet several key requirements, the property must also meet requirements for this program.

• The property must be accessible publicly
• Property must be separated from others by a full exterior wall if connected to another property
• The property can have no visible safety issues
• If the Tampa FHA loan is for a manufactured home, the property has to have been built after 1976 in order to qualify
• Home should have proper drainage as well
• Roofing of the structure must be in good condition, showing no evidence of links or any missing tiles

Tampa FHA loans allow people to purchase a variety of different styles of homes as long as they satisfy certain appraisal standards. Individuals with lower credit scores or a smaller down payment may still be eligible for Tampa FHA loan programs. If you are interested in learning how you can get the lowest FHA mortgage rates in Tampa, contact us today at (877) 422-4023.


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