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apply-now-todayAt First Nationwide Lending, we realize that many potential home buyers are unable to buy their dream home due to the size of a regular home loan. For residents of Tampa, jumbo loans are the perfect way to get your hands on that expensive dream home. But, do you qualify for this larger than life home loan?

Tampa Jumbo Loans Require Higher Credit Scores

When it comes to any home loan, you need to have a good credit score. You may be able to renegotiate your credit score requirement if you make a larger down payment. However, it’s different with a jumbo loan.

If you want to acquire a jumbo loan, you need a higher than average credit score. In most cases, lenders check to see if you have a credit score of, at least, 720. In many cases, this credit score requirement does not go much if you make a larger deposit.

Tampa Jumbo Loans Require Larger Down Payments

Contrary to popular belief, Tampa jumbo loans require a much larger down payment. In fact, most jumbo loans require at least a 15% down payment. Considering the size of the home loan you can acquire, this can be quite a substantial amount.

Tampa Jumbo Loans Carry Higher Interest Rates

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself is can you pay the higher interest rates? Contrary to popular belief, Tampa jumbo loans have a higher interest rate, usually 0.5% higher than your average home loan. As such, while it may take longer to pay off the home loan, you will be paying more for your home. Evidently, it will take longer for you to truly own your home.

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