Tampa VA Loans

What are Tampa VA loans?

apply-now-todayTampa VA Loans are provided to veterans who have provided a specific duration of services to the U.S. military. Private lenders are rendered support by the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) to provide home loans to veterans at affordable and convenient terms. These private lenders include banks, mortgage companies and money lenders, etc.

Applying for a Tampa VA Loan

The process of applying for a VA loan includes a number of steps. The first of these is to hire a real estate agent who can help you in finding a house that meets your specific requirements. Once your agent has found a few homes for you, you need to inspect them before finalizing a sale.

The next step is to find a money lender who is authorized by the VA to provide you with a VA home loan. You can discuss your eligibility criteria with the lender to discover if you can apply for the loan. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you will need to acquire a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) in order to obtain the Tampa VA Loan. You can apply for the certificate yourself or ask your lender to do it for you.

Once the sale is finalized and the certificate has been made; the application for a VA home loan can be submitted.

Maximum Limits for a Tampa VA Loan

The Department of Veteran Affairs states that there is no maximum limit for the loan that can be borrowed by a veteran. However, according to the regulations of different counties, the maximum limits can vary. A general limit for the maximum amount of home loan is from $417,000 up to $1,094,000.

Hence, if you wish to apply for a Tampa VA Loan, you need to follow the process of application and find a money lender to provide you with the loan. We, at First Nationwide Lending, cater to clients who wish to take out VA loans. So contact us at (877) 442-4023 for all your queries regarding VA loans and we will be sure to help you out!

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