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A lot of articles about Florida reverse mortgages have been in the press lately, but not a lot of people really understand how a reverse mortgage company could help them in retirement. A Florida reverse mortgage is a type of financial product that is backed by the federal government to help seniors create an additional source of income.

Why do you need a reverse mortgage in Florida?

Florida reverse mortgages are a good way for seniors to use the equity in the property they own to get monthly income. The reverse mortgage company will pay you a set amount each month until the end of the mortgage, and you get to keep living in your home. If you’re having trouble paying your bills, or you need additional income due to an unexpected expense, this is a great way to use the equity on your home to help you.

What’s involved with getting a Florida reverse mortgage?

A Florida reverse mortgage company starts the process by having a home professionally appraised. Once this is done, they send the homeowner a mortgage offer. The homeowner can typically choose if they want a lump sum of money, or if he or she would prefer a monthly income check. A reverse mortgage can be written even if there is already another loan on the house, but these other liabilities will affect how much the homeowner can get as income.

Any money that a person gets from a reverse mortgage is not taxable. In fact, in a lot of cases people earn more than the market value of the house because the equity that is pulled out can be used to start an investment that can earn more than the value of the home. This means that a reverse mortgage is a good investment option for a lot of seniors.

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People who are good candidates for a Florida reverse mortgage usually consider a variety of companies before deciding on who to get their loan from. As you do your research, you’ll discover that our company has a reputation for:

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