Getting A Mortgage With Bad Credit

Getting A Mortgage With Bad Credit

For those who have defaulted on a mortgage or have had credit card debts – it’s much harder to get a mortgage. Defaulting on your financial obligations can set you back. It can be complex, getting a home loan, during these circumstances. While getting a loan isn’t impossible with poor credit history, it can certainly be more difficult.

Increase Your Down Payment

The Loan-To-Value, ratio, with a mortgage for an individual with a poor record will be considerably lower. If a lender feels your a risk due to your past history, they’ll ask you to put down a larger amount of money, in the down payment. In certain instances, you might be asked to put 20%, or more, in order to reassure the lender of your financial solvency.

Your Credit Score Is Important

Before trying to get a mortgage with poor credit, think about your credit score, and how it’ll impact you. If your credit score is lower, there are a number of things you can do to revive it in the short term. Sometimes, it’s smarter to wait a little but, and improve your score, before you approach a lender. This can save you thousands of dollars over the course of the lifetime of the loan.

Other Variables That Matter

There are other factors that lenders may look at it, when analyzing you, and how worthy you are of getting a loan. When someone has poor credit, and is self employed, this can hurt them. Lenders will look more favorably upon someone who has poor credit, yet has a salaried position. The length of time you’ve been at your present place of employment, and the type of employment you’ve got is extremely important. Lenders need to ensure you won’t default on this loan as well. If you’ve got poor credit, it’ll compel the lender to look at your entire history, to find reasons you are worthy of a loan.



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