Documents Needed

apply-now-todayOnce you get your loan process started you will be asked to provide certain documentation for underwriting review. Don’t feel overwhelmed, it’s really not a lot! Keep in mind that based on loan program guidelines, state requirements, sources of income, and a variety of other factors, additional documentation may apply. Below is a list of documents that are generally needed.


W2 Employee
W-2 forms for all employers covering the most recent two (2) years
Current pay stubs verifying 30 days of income / must include year-to-date breakdowns plus any overtime, commission or bonus income

Self Employed / 1099 / Commission Employee
Two (2) most recent years personal tax returns – this is needed if a borrower is self employed, or receives greater than 25% of total income from bonus and/or commissions

Fixed Income
Award letters and 1099’s are typically used to verify income


Two (2) most recent bank statements verifying funds to close (all large deposits must be sourced)

Additional Items:

Photocopy of driver’s license
Fully executed purchase contract (if applicable)
Homeowners insurance declaration page
Flood insurance declaration page (if applicable)
Divorce Decree(s) (if applicable)
Bankruptcy discharge documents (if applicable)


Disclaimer: This list is not meant to represent all the items needed for loan approval, nor is it a commitment to lend. In many situations additional items are needed. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our loan programs and required documents for processing, please contact one of our Home Loan Experts.

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